"How Should I Introduce You?"

I get this question a lot now. It used to be such an easy answer.

After spending more than two decades in full-time church ministry I've spent the last few years charting a new course. Maybe you can relate? Previously, I served as a Lead Pastor of a megachurch and worked to get a Master's degree in theology.

Currently, I guest preach at churches and I teach classes as an adjunct professor at a Christian university. Most of my professional training and experience is in the 'institutional church' environment. For the majority of my career I've been called Pastor.

But I've felt more and more uneasy with the dominant culture around Christianity these days, especially in America. How do we learn to ask better questions and follow a God that looks like Jesus? In order to pursue this moving forward I've changed things up a bit.

Outside of the church environment, I manage our rental homes (JStays). This allows me to spend time talking to people about Jesus over a glass of wine (Communion Wine Co) and reading the Bible with a skeptic on my podcast (The Forest and the Trees). These opportunities provide me with experience in what is referred to as the 'deconstructing community.'

Between both the institutional church and the deconstructing community I think we can find hope and encouragement for a better way forward. I hope you'll join me as we work it out together.