Brothers, Managers, and Dead People (Pt. 2)

bible preaching

Last week, I began a three-week series of three consecutive stories that Luke recorded Jesus telling. All of them involve what we do with what we have. In the first week, I explored what is commonly known as the story of the "Prodigal Son," although I made the argument it was a story about brothers (see Part 1). 

This past weekend I tackled a story about a dishonest manager who cleverly works out of a jam and then gets commended for it (essentially by Jesus). Most of us would acknowledge it's a super confusing passage that takes a bit of Old Testament context to help us see what's really going on. It turns out they had devised a creative way of disobeying God without feeling guilty.

We explored how mental accounting causes us to do some pretty strange things with our money and how this was true in Jesus' story too. I then had us reflect on a question that ultimately gets to the heart of something bigger.

Based on how you have handled worldly wealth, how should Jesus trust you with true riches?

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