Cabernet and Pray

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Last year I dipped my toe into the podcasting waters, and it reinforced how much I like this medium. Then I started thinking about how fun it would be to start a podcast where I explore Christianity through the beauty of wine. And today I get to introduce you to Cabernet and Pray.

I'll use this as a place to share my own thoughts on wine and Christianity as well as to interview the numerous people who fascinate me in both worlds. And of course, we'll enjoy a glass of fine wine on each episode. It will be fun to see a different side of the Christian guests as they enjoy wine while talking about Jesus and it will be fun to explore how people in the wine industry see Christianity and their own journey with God. I'll post both video and audio versions so you can connect with whichever one you prefer.

Click here to check out the main podcast page.

Or, click here to check out the video page.

Episode one just posted and we'd love it if you'd follow us on your favorite podcasting software. As always, we welcome any feedback you have or ideas for what you'd like to see in the show. Cheers!

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