This is Your Reminder to Keep Reinventing Yourself

personal perspective

I was invited to be a guest on the Jay and Brian Show podcast. They run a mortgage company together and started a podcast out of it. Jay and I became friends when we were in a life group together years ago. Both Jay and Brian are great at rapid-fire questions and keeping the conversation interesting. We covered a lot in an hour! It gave me a chance to tell some behind-the-scenes stories of things I've been working on for the last few years.

Here are a few of the subjects we dove into:

  • How to reinvent yourself when life doesn't go as planned (an overarching theme of the discussion)
  • How to make the most of life now instead of only planning for tomorrow
  • Parenting kids with all of today's complexities
  • Unique challenges of ministry today
  • How to have meaningful conversations with people we disagree with
  • What it means to keep growing and challenging yourself (especially with social media)
  • Following through on ideas you keep thinking about
  • Is college worth it for your kids
  • And the story behind my viral TikTok video

Here's the way they described the episode: 

From moving to the pacific northwest with his family to pursue his "dream" job only to move back (to Arizona) when it didn't turn out to be, to starting a podcast with his great friend (who is an atheist), to going viral on TikTok, to investing in real estate (vacation rentals), Jeremy's story is one you need to hear! Join us as we sit down with husband, dad, preacher, teacher, author, podcaster, real estate investor, and all-a-round great guy, Jeremy Jernigan, to talk about perseverance, being called by God to be shaped for HIM, tough choices, managing family life with career goals, dealing with haters on social media, and the challenges and rewards of investing in vacation real estate!

Hopefully there is something in this conversation that can be an encouragement to you today!

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