Disarming Leviathan (with Caleb Campbell)

Episode #20

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As we uncork the 20th episode of Cabernet and Pray, I'm joined by Caleb Campbell, not just to relish in our shared love for a fine Cabernet Sauvignon but to unpack the complexities of Christian nationalism. Caleb, a pastor and author, brings his upcoming book "Disarming Leviathan: Loving your Christian Nationalist Neighbor" to the table, serving up a compassionate perspective on an issue that's stirring the pot in our societal fabric. Together, we navigate the fine line between fellowship and ideology, examining how our understanding of scripture can be distorted and offering a toast to wisdom and authenticity in our communities.

Have you ever found yourself in a place where reaching across the aisle felt more like crossing enemy lines? This episode reveals Caleb's personal journey through missionary work amidst American Christian nationalism, where an environment of division is met with a message of restoration. Through stories of heart-to-heart engagement and the cultivation of genuine empathy, we shed light on the transformative power of spiritual well-being in bridging divides. As we tackle the concept of 'hermeneutical magic,' we guide listeners on how to spot when scripture is being twisted by opportunists masquerading as shepherds.

Wrapping up with a blend of personal victories and shared struggles, this podcast episode is a testament to resilience. From the trials of 2020, where Caleb led a congregation through the storm, to the joys of discovery in a French wine cellar, we take you through moments that have shaped his understanding of leadership, community, and self-care. Caleb's insights, brimming with practical wisdom, elevate our conversation, reminding us of the strength in diverse and authentic communities, the hope that lies ahead with upcoming book releases, and the warm anticipation of family vacations. Raise your glass with us as this episode celebrates the journey of faith, the power of community, and the courage to embrace our differences.