From Stoic Thought to Christian Action (with Mike Austin)

Episode #17

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When minds converge over the profound intersections of philosophy and the Christian faith, revelations emerge. Mike Austin, a philosophy professor with a deft touch in character development and spiritual formation, joins me to unravel the tapestry of truth that philosophies like Stoicism weave with Christianity. Our conversation extends beyond the intellectual into the personal, sharing how our beliefs have matured and become more focused with time. We also raise a toast to the virtues of humility as outlined in Mike's latest book, savoring both the complex notes of our chosen wines and the rich layers of living a life modeled after Jesus.

A sense of divine connection can often feel elusive, but this episode pulls back the veil to reveal how community and silence are gateways to experiencing God's presence. We share stories of finding God in the quiet and among fellow believers, considering how relationships within the church embody Christ's love. As we touch upon the transformation of evangelical witness, we underscore the significance of authentic friendships and living out Christ's love in practical ways—a message reinforced by the inspiring legacy of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and his call to social responsibility.

Embarking on a personal turn, we tackle the poignant shift from supporting self-defense to advocating for pacifism, a transformative journey informed by the non-violent teachings of Jesus. Discussing the tensions between self-protection and the principles of turning the other cheek, we draw on historical figures like Bonhoeffer, grappling with the complexities of living out our faith. As we conclude, the conversation ventures into the broader challenges facing Christianity in America, from social media engagements to the need for humility in our spiritual journey. Join us for an episode that's not just a tasting of fine wines but also an invitation to savor the encouragement and growth found in our shared pursuit of a deeper faith.

Wines we enjoyed in this episode:

  • Chateau L’Hospitalet
  • Chenault Vineyards Cabernet Franc 2021