Honor and Prepare (with Keith Saarloos)

Episode #15

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When Keith Saarloos swapped apple rows for vineyard vines, little did he know he'd be uncorking a legacy along with his bottles of 2021 Mayhem Grenache. As we sit down, glasses in hand, Keith takes us through the transformation of Saarloos and Sons, revealing how a family farm evolved into a vineyard with deep respect for tradition and terroir. Through our conversation, we wander down the less-traveled paths of the wine industry, uncovering the rugged beauty of stress-cultivated vines and the intimate moments that life, wine, and companionship can brew.

Amidst sips of vibrant Grenache, our chat meanders from the whimsical pairing of cupcakes with wine, to Keith's unorthodox perspectives on faith and spirituality found within the pages of the Bible. We even delve into the artistic contributions of underdogs and the unbreakable spirit of creating beauty against the odds. Keith's tales are interwoven with reflections on crafting wines that embody the family's soul, resisting the pull of fleeting trends, and likening his wine-making philosophy to a punk band's ethosā€”always authentic, always unique.

As we wrap up our episode, the conversation turns personal, touching on deep-seated satisfaction over fleeting happiness, the quest for generational wealth that surpasses monetary value, and the richness of life's simple joys. With Keith's vivid storytelling, you can explore the parallels between winemaking and life's larger questions, leaving you to ponder the legacy we each hope to leave behind. So, pour yourself a glass and join us for a journey into the heart of wine, family, excitement, and the stories that bind us all.

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