Returning to Eden (with Heather Hamilton)

Episode #13

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As we pop the cork on a bottle of conversation with Heather Hamilton, bestselling author of "Returning to Eden," our glasses aren't the only full things—our hearts and minds brim with insights into the ever-evolving journey of faith. Heather brings us her compelling story of transformation, from a rigid adherence to literal belief to an expansive embrace of mystical spirituality, a metamorphosis born of personal crisis and profound self-discovery. Together, we traverse the landscapes of biblical narratives and their psychological depths, finding striking correlations between the epic tales of ancient scripture and the mythological themes woven into our favorite Disney movies. It's a tapestry of thoughts that promises to adorn the walls of your understanding with new colors and textures.

Embark on a voyage through the enigmatic nature of the divine as we tackle the paradoxical essence of Jesus and Christ, guided by the insights of thinkers like Richard Rohr. Our dialogue takes us through the transformative realignment of prayer, moving from a distant deity to recognizing God's presence within. As a recovering evangelical, Heather shares the intimate reshaping of her own spiritual posture, navigating the delicate balance of evolving within a faith tradition while honoring the sacredness of its roots. It is a candid reflection on the intricacies of belief, the portrayal of evil in the fabric of our stories, and the challenge of reframing these ancient concepts in a contemporary context.

We culminate our session by pondering the future of Christianity, dissecting the struggles and envisioning the revitalization of communal worship through a synthesis of symbolism, ritual, and a zestful spirit. Our discussion not only questions but also celebrates the possibilities for a faith that resonates with the heartbeat of today's society. And for those thirsty for more, Heather's "Returning to Eden" serves as an invitation to continue the dialogue, to explore and exchange ideas that have the power to reshape our perspectives and enrich our spiritual dialogues. So, fellow inquisitors of the intangible, let us toast to a conversation that offers a divine sip in every word.

Wines we enjoy in the episode:

  • 2019 History Red Blend
  • 2020 Pure Bred Cabernet