The Sacred Pause (with Libby Tedder Hugus)

Episode #12

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Reverend Libby Tedder Hugus and I have woven together the deep complexities of spirituality and wine's rich narratives. This episode is a tapestry of our life journeys, where Libby's roots in South Africa and the U.S. intertwine with her calling to forge a radically inclusive spiritual community. Together, we unpack the transformative power of generous hospitality and the paramount importance of a communal table where diverse faiths are not just tolerated but celebrated. 

Our conversation meanders through the ebbs and flows of spiritual leadership and the brave decision to embrace rest and reflection, drawing insight from thinkers like Brene Brown and the enduring metaphor of Sisyphus. As Libby transitions from church leadership to the world of coaching, we explore the sacred practice of Sabbath and its counter-cultural invitation to pause from the relentless pursuit of productivity. This chapter of closure is a narrative about the courage to let go, to provide space for healing, and to discern the whispers of new beginnings amidst collective slumber keenly.

The episode is rounded out with stories of audacious goals and the exhilarating pursuit of a TEDx speaking opportunity, illustrating the potency of mental fitness coaching in unlocking our 'sage brain'. Libby's tales of wine tasting in the rolling vineyards of South Africa serve as a delightful backdrop, inspiring us to savor both the literal and figurative vineyards of our lives. Join us for a session that not only decants wisdom and wit but also pours out an invitation to embrace the diverse expressions of faith and the beauty of a church community as varied as the wines we adore.

Wines by:

  • Bale's Creek Estate
  • Il Paradiso di Frassina Brunello di Montalcino