The Death of Omnipotence (with Thomas Jay Oord)

Episode #11

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Join our thought-provoking journey with Dr. Thomas Jay Oord, where long-held Christian beliefs are questioned and reenvisioned. As we unravel the fabric of traditional theology, Dr. Oord introduces us to a divine love that's deeply relational and a God whose lack of omnipotence takes on a new, groundbreaking definition. We share anecdotes, sip our preferred drinks, and navigate through a theological landscape where certainty gives way to courageous exploration. Prepare for a conversation that challenges the intellect and seeks to enkindle the spirit.

We dissect the intricate dynamics between human freedom and moral responsibility, considering how a God who influences without controlling can reshape our understanding of prayer and action. Through the lens of open and relational theology, we confront the complexities of a benevolent God and the nature of our petitions, leading us to a practice of prayer that embraces cooperation with the divine.

As we wrap up our enlightening exchange with Dr. Oord, we delve into the personal and institutional ramifications of challenging established church doctrines. Dr. Oord openly recounts the trials faced within his denomination and the vibrant discussions and resources springing from the Center for Open Relational Theology. This dialogue extends an invitation to listeners grappling with their faith, offering a fresh perspective on connecting with the divine and reimagining the possibilities of a love-centered theology.

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