Sipping on Social Issues and Spirituality (with Danielle Strickland)

Episode #9

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Pour yourself a glass, and prepare to savor an enticing blend of faith, creativity, and life's joys with a hint of pressing social issues. We were thrilled to invite the remarkable Danielle Strickland to our table, an author, speaker, and self-proclaimed 'Ambassador of Fun.' With her latest book, "The Other Side of Hope," and podcast, "The Right Side Up," setting the backdrop, we swirled around the complexities of wine tasting, explored the concept of being "born again," and pondered the sober curious movement.

As we let these conversations breathe, we delved deeper into empowering women to find their voices and the role of the church in protecting its members. An intriguing pour from Danielle's life was her unique project called Imby, a tiny home movement shaking up the suburban monotony. As we neared the bottom of the glass, we touched on the harsh reality of human trafficking and our responsibility to prevent it.

We rounded off our chat with a toast to the LGBTQ+ community and the importance of inclusion within the church. And of course, no gathering is complete without a little fun, as we danced around the topic of sound effects in podcasting with Daniel. So join us for this enriching dialogue, as we explore faith, creativity, and life's joys, one sip at a time. Cheers!