Defending Democracy from Its Christian Enemies (with David Gushee)

Episode #8

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Pour a glass of wine and pull up a chair. Our latest conversation with esteemed guest, Dr. David P. Gushee, carries us through a fascinating journey into the intersections of faith, ethics, and politics. A seasoned scholar, Dr. Gushee unpacks the implications of Christian authority within the political landscape while interrogating how power dynamics play out in both religious and political spheres. As a distinguished professor of Christian ethics and author of 28 books, he invokes us to think deeper about our own political engagement.

Our discussion takes a powerful turn as we grapple with recent events in Israel, the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, and the potential future of the two-state solution. While we swirl our wines, we reflect on the church's position in supporting the LGBTQ+ community and our collective responsibility in standing against targeting and demagoguery. We dive into the critical issues at play, challenging our listeners to engage in meaningful conversations about power, authority, and the role of the church in these tumultuous times.

As we raise our glasses to a final toast, we dwell on the trials and triumphs of defending democracy and the issues plaguing American Christianity today. From confronting the nation's founding racism to discussing the transformative power of writing, our conversation with Dr. Gushee unveils hard truths and offers glimmers of hope. So join us in this enlightening exchange that serves as a reminder of our shared commitment to promoting peace, justice, and equality. Cheers to thought-provoking dialogue and the power of engaging in meaningful conversations!


  • 2019 McManis Pinot Grigio
  • 2019 Longhand Cabernet Sauvignon