Rethinking Love and Grief (with Jonathan Foster)

Episode #7

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Can love be redefined through understanding mimetic theory? Find out as we chat with Jonathan Foster, a multi-faceted father, husband, writer, and former church planter. He shares his unique insights on mimetic theory and how it can shape our approach of understanding culture and religion. We dive into the enticing world of open and relational theology, exploring its impact on the complexities of human life and relationships.

Jonathan isn't your average theologian; he's got an intriguing blend of life experiences that make this chat as light-hearted as it is profound. As we share a few laughs over his love for Mexican food and his move from Arizona to Kansas City, the conversation takes a deeper turn with Jonathan's personal journey of loss and grief. Listen as he bravely delves into the emotional world of writing a book about his personal experiences, showing us that even in the face of tragedy, there is room for growth and understanding.

From exploring Girard's theory of scapegoating to challenging the traditional concepts of omnipotence in Christianity, this episode promises a thought-provoking journey. Understand the workings of mimetic theory, decode the complexities of human relationships, and redefine your perception of love as Jonathan sheds light on these intricate subjects. Tune in to expand your knowledge and get a fresh perspective on how shared experiences can pave the way for theological shifts. Be a part of this enlightening conversation, and let the exploration begin!