On the Edge of the Inside

Episode #6

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Ready to set sail on a unique journey through the world of Christianity, wine, and pirates? We promise you'll gain a fresh perspective on faith as we uncork a delectable 2015 Chateau Monteil D’Arsac Bordeaux blend, discuss the creation of pirates, and delve into the theology of being on the edge of the inside. This unconventional voyage is sure to provide an eye-opening examination of church practices and their modern relevance. 

Together, we'll navigate the treacherous waters of 17th-century pirate history, revealing how privateers, by losing their commissions, were pushed towards piracy. This exploration allows us to understand better the changing landscape in Christianity today. We explore Richard Rohr's concept of on the edge of the inside, which has profound implications for how we view Christianity and its institutions today. What if truth is found not at the center, but the edges of our groups and beliefs? This idea serves as a compass guiding us on our journey through the complexities of Christian identity. 

Inspired by Jesus' teachings, we shed light on the emergence of two distinct camps within the Christian identity - the institutional church and the deconstructing community. Here on the edge of the inside, we explore a space that may not be easy but is profoundly meaningful, holding the potential for a more inclusive, empathetic, and diverse Christian community. So grab your glass and join us for an enlightening expedition.