Uncorking Passion (with Clayton Steffen)

Episode #5

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Ever wonder how a wine hobby could transform into a thriving business? My conversation with Clayton Steffen uncovers his intriguing journey into the wine world, the joy he finds in introducing others to new varieties, and the challenges he faces in this industry. We also walk you through our collective journey of tasting a variety of exquisite wines at a recent industry event. 

We then transition into the heart and soul of running a wine bar. Clayton's insights paint a vivid picture of the importance of creating a 'third place' - a safe, welcoming environment where community thrives and friendships bloom. Seamlessly blending wine with faith and community, our discussion travels to Montalcino in Tuscany, unraveling hidden gems in the world of wine. It's not just about the taste, but also the experience that comes with every sip.

Finally, we explore the excitement and challenges of planning wine tastings and the thrill that comes with introducing new varietals to wine lovers. Clayton gears up to explore the Columbia Valley in Washington next, eager to share his new experiences with his patrons. Whether you're a casual drinker or a connoisseur, join us in this riveting discussion, sip by sip, uncorking the passion, and dedication it takes to make it in the wine industry.