Moving Beyond the Medium (with Mike Goldsworthy)

Episode #4

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Picture this; you're leading a megachurch and suddenly, you decide to make a shift. A shift from preaching to coaching, from the pulpit to facilitating high-capacity leaders. This is the intriguing journey of Mike Goldsworthy, our guest for this episode and the founder of Live Contrarian. Mike shares his experiences, from being a lead pastor to transitioning into an executive coach and facilitator. It's not just about change but a reshaping of identity and relationships. As we reminisce about our first meeting and chat about Mike's current passions, we also consider the art of sermonizing and the AI-driven world we live in.

What does the transition from a church ministry to a different medium do to your faith? With Mike, we explore this fascinating question, examining the impact on his relationship with the church and his authenticity. We discuss the guilt associated with not attending church regularly and the nature of faith evolution. We'll also delve into the language of deconstruction within faith, a topic often seen as destructive. We promise; this isn't your typical faith discussion. Mike's unique perspective on faith, drawn from his personal journey, offers fresh insights into the nature of faith expansion, growth, maturing, and evolution. 

As we share a communal wine tasting experience, brace yourself for an enlightening reflection on the role of communal experience in our relationship with wine. Mike then introduces us to the Post-Evangelical Collective that he co-founded, a community providing a sense of belonging for pastors who feel they no longer fit within Evangelicalism. We wrap up the episode by exploring the financial models that work within the post-evangelical space. Mike's story is about moving beyond boundaries and forging a new path.


  • 2020 Torial Red Wine Blend
  • 2021 Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon