God, Grapes, and Grit (with Chad Preston)

Episode #3

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Ever been curious about the fascinating world of winemaking? Then strap in for an inspiring journey with Chad Preston, the founder of Birds and Barrels Vineyards and partner in Cochise Wine Company. From being a wine enthusiast during his college days to now standing at the helm of a flourishing vineyard in Wilcox, Chad's story is one of passion, faith, and resilience. Tune in as we traverse the twists and turns of Chad's winemaking journey, his brave forays into new grape varieties, and the hard-earned lessons of risk-taking.

Alongside the intoxicating aroma of crushed grapes and wine barrels, there's another guiding force in Chad's life: his deep-rooted Christian faith. With the vineyard as his pulpit, Chad shares how his faith shapes his approach to winemaking and life in general. He views himself as a tool in God's toolbox, serving His divine plans in his own humble way. From his early days in youth ministry to his current role in the wine industry, Chad's faith journey is a testament to the power of belief, prayer, and listening for God's voice.

Wrapping up our conversation, we celebrate the courageous endeavors of Chad and his wife, Monica, as they continue to raise the bar of Arizona's wine industry. Reflecting on his journey, Chad emphasizes the importance of community, patience, and gratitude. This episode is a hearty toast to Chad's accomplishments and his unwavering faith. So, fill up your glass and immerse yourself in this riveting conversation about wine, faith, resilience, and the amazing journey of a hobbyist winemaker turned industry influencer.