Start With the Feet, Not the Head (with Tyler Johnson)

Episode #2

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In this episode, I talk with my friend Tyler Johnson. Until recently, Tyler was the Lead Pastor of a ten-congregation multisite church. He recently decided to step away from that and is now a spiritual and social entrepreneur entering into the marketplace. He's a man of many convictions and recently started a business called “The Human Element.” We take sips of a 2021 Argyle Nusshaus Riesling and a 2019 Il Farneto - Rosso ‘Giandon’ as we converse about baseball, entrepreneurship, and our favorite wines.

The discussion gets deep as we explore Tyler’s transition from leading a congregation to leading in the entrepreneurial world. He shares his journey, challenges, and lessons learned about human capital in the business landscape. Tyler's business, the Human Element, is a testament to the belief in human beings as the most potent form of capital. We explore his unique approach to leadership that emphasizes empathy, relational intelligence, and emotional intelligence. Tyler drops an incredible analogy of a chef at a restaurant to what it can often feel like when leading in a church.

Our conversation with Tyler culminates with exploring unity and diversity within Christianity, and how elements like wine, food, and ambiance can reconcile religious divides. We discuss his relationship-building strategy to bridge these divides and the role of social trust in this process. As we wrap up, we delve into seeing the world through Jesus's eyes and how prioritizing the marginalized can unlock ultimate reality. So, lean in, listen up, and join us for an enlightening episode filled with thoughtful insights, wine, and baseball.


  • 2021 Argyle Nusshaus Riesling
  • 2019 Il Farneto - Rosso ‘Giandon’