Great Vintages and Bad Winemakers

Episode #1

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Get ready to uncork your understanding! This week on Cabernet and Pray, we're swirling together two unlikely passions - Christianity and wine. We'll be sipping on a 2017 Sokol Blosser Big Tree Block Pinot Noir and unraveling the wisdom of Richard Bohr as we savor the intricate connection between God, wine, and life.

Life, much like winemaking, is full of unpredictable and challenging vintages. Sometimes, we try to make the best of a less-than-ideal harvest. But, what if we could become masters at turning those tart grapes into a complex and delightful wine? Just as a winemaker works with the given conditions to create something extraordinary, we too can harness our faith and resilience to thrive amid adversity. As we navigate through uncertain seasons, let's turn to Paul's words in 2 Corinthians 4 and experience anew the transformative power hidden in our fragility.

Finally, let's raise a toast to an anti-fragile faith. It's not about maintaining a perfect, unbroken exterior but about growing stronger from the breaks and cracks. With their raw and unorthodox faith, the early Christians knew this all too well. They faced trials and challenges head-on, growing stronger from each experience. As we venture deeper into the world of wine and Christianity, let's learn to celebrate life's joys and struggles, knowing that God's love is steadfast in every season. Cheers to you, and let's savor this fascinating journey together!