#22: From Ocean Waves to Rooftop Dreams (with Kevin Sweeney)

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Welcome to another episode of "Cabernet and Pray," where faith meets everyday life over a glass of fine wine. I'm your host, Jeremy Jernigan, and today, we're thrilled to have a thought-provoking and dynamic guest, Kevin Sweeney. Kevin, a pastor, podcast host, and author from Hawaii dives deep into the essence of faith, personal growth, and the challenges of evolving beliefs.

In this episode, Kevin illuminates the significance of direct experience in faith and the limiting nature of mere argument. We explore the complexities of tribal belonging, the grief of evolving beyond one's tribe, and the power of embracing change. Kevin shares how his podcast, "The Church Needs Therapy," and his mystical perspective on traditional beliefs aim to guide people toward genuine spiritual awakening.

We'll also discuss the vital issues facing Christianity in America today, the unconscious wounds of our collective history, and the urgent need for honesty and integration. As we navigate these profound themes, Kevin's light-hearted anecdotes and passion for wine and surfing add a delightful dimension to our conversation.

Join us as we sip on some beverages, explore the depths of faith and consciousness, and hear about Kevin's exciting new projects, including the Rooftop Alliance.

What we're drinking:

  • 2019 Hall Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Juneshine Hard Kombucha