#23: Living in Love (with Greg Boyd)

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This week, we are joined by the insightful and influential Christian scholar Greg Boyd, who brings three decades of pastoral experience from Woodland Hills Church and a robust body of theological writings.

In this episode, we dive into the intriguing concept of sensory bubbles, exploring how they shape our perception of reality and God's transcendence. Greg Boyd shares his thoughts on cataphatic and apophatic prayer, the humility inspired by Thomas Aquinas' realizations, and the balance between Jesus' divinity and humanity in orthodox Christology.

The conversation takes a dynamic turn as we discuss atonement theories, Satan's influence, and the emerging divide within Christian circles around the response to power. Boyd also opens up about his journey with ADHD, the significance of staying distinct from societal polarization, and the profound lessons learned through humility and love.

With humor, transparency, and a shared love for theology, we navigate through challenging topics such as the LGBTQ dialogue, climate crisis response, and the legitimacy of power in public life while keeping the spirit light with anecdotes about wine tasting and ministry life.

Join us for an engaging and thoughtful conversation that promises a deeper understanding of faith, love, and the transformative power of keeping Jesus at the center. Grab your favorite glass of wine and tune in to this rich episode of "Cabernet and Pray."

Wines in this episode:

  • 2021 The Prisoner Red Wine
  • 2020 Francis Ford Coppola Merlot