Blurry Eyes

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I had the privilege of speaking at Pantano Christian Church in Tucson this past weekend. My friend Trevor became the pastor there a little over a year ago and it was so cool to see what God is doing in this community. 

I shared a message I titled "Blurry Eyes," and told the story from Mark 8:22-25 where Jesus heals a blind man and it doesn't seem to work. This is an unusual story when compared to the other examples of how Jesus healed people and has profound implications for us today.

It reminds us that you can experience Jesus and still not see clearly. For those of us who consider ourselves Christians, it means we should constantly be learning new truths about Jesus and unlearning things we thought were true but Jesus shows us otherwise. For those of you who may not consider yourself a Christian, it means you should feel safe to process whatever you see and not feel shame or judgment about it.

Where can you find people with blurry eyes?

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