The Podcast is Back!

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My podcast is back this week after taking a month off following the completion of our last book study. In the show, I read the Bible with a friend who is a skeptic as we each process what we find in the text. We call it "The Forest and the Trees."

We put our next book up for a vote and it's time to give the people what they want. We are now going through the book of Romans. We did our intro to the book this week (affectionately titled: "Old Uncle Paul") and we will dive into chapter one next week. We talked through our feelings on John Wick and discussed the possibility that the entire book of Romans is actually good news (despite how it sometimes gets used). I also presented my trifecta of three chapters from the book I think are especially remarkable in light of all of the Bible (one of the most underrated chapters, one of the most misunderstood chapters, and one of the most beautiful chapters about women).

In the clip above I explain the interpretive strategy I'll be using as we try to make sense of one of the most often-quoted books of the Bible.

If you like to binge podcasts, we previously went through each chapter of the book of Hebrews if you'd rather start there.

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