Making Sense of the Divine Conspiracy

reading theology

I recently had a chance to join a good friend of mine on the "Space for Faith" podcast. In addition to being a kindred spirit, my friend Mike Goldsworthy was one of the early guests on my "Cabernet and Pray" podcast (Episode 4: Moving Beyond the Medium), so jumping over and spending time on his podcast was fun. For the last few episodes, Mike has been going through a series unpacking Dallas Willard's well-known book, The Divine Conspiracy

Many of us read this book years ago, yet its impact continues to be felt today. It's not an easy (or quick) read, which is why it makes sense for Mike to unpack it chapter by chapter.

In this episode, we explored chapter seven of The Divine Conspiracy and tackled topics such as contempt, prayer, and the theology of Open Theism. You can listen to episode 72 below.

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